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March 15, 2007



Oh my, kids are fun aren't they!!

Mine tend to talk about people being too fat, too thin, ugly, old, wrinkled, big nose and heaven forbid they have some sort of disfigurement!! You would think hubby and I make comments all the time based on what they say-t'is not the case. They just need to speak what they know and don't care who hears it.

Heather (Sand Sea & School)

Oh I needed this laugh! I live in florida, and eveyr summer I go through this same exact thing (Except sometimes it is with markers, instead of crayongs ;) )


Michelle in MX

LOL! THis had me laughing through the whole thing! I haven't been shopping for a swim suit since before I was married. And until the crayons are left in the wash I don't plan to buy another. Even then I just might still wear it since tie-dye is in you know . . .I usually put my one piece on with a pair of swimming shorts and call it a suit.
It works.
Anyway . . . glad (and a stunned!) at your find for you!


Why does it have to be modest?

Adventures In Babywearing

I am dreading it. Bathing suit shopping. Do I HAVE TO?!?!? I usually find a cute suit, then a nice cover up and skirt. Then it's like, why wear the suit at all!?

Join my Photo Tag going on! Hope you’d like to play along and post about the shoes you can't live without!



I have been away from the blogs for a bit, but I love reading your stories. You have this great way of bringing the stories to life. I especially love the "that's not modest, Mommy" bit! Har! I'll be reading more often now :) Congrats on finding that great bargain!

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