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April 03, 2007



Blog everyday!!! Come on, you can do it!!


Blog everyday!!! Come on, you can do it!!


WOW, I'd like to hear more about all of that too but I understand how it's hard to make time for blogging with everything else.


Congrats on the greenhouse!

Plenty for you to do right now, huh?

Michelle in Mx

It rather unfair that I have to dilligently keep at my teeth to keep them from gingervitis and cavities . . . and my husband doesn't have to do anything but drink water and his teeth are great! (But not his breath!)
I hope my kids inherited their father's teeth . . . we have a dentist apointment with them next week . . .so we will see.
Huggs to your little one! I know about fillings.
And you may be running, but we are here at your convience . . no worries, OK?


Oh no!!! Poor Thing 1!!!! Did the cavities happen suddenly? How did Thing 1's teeth look at the last appointment? The dentist didn't see this coming? I would have thought the dentist would have told you that there was staining or early decay at your last appointment!

Ask about having a sealant put on the teeth. It can work wonders at preventing future cavities!

Looking forward to seeing ALL those other potential future posts!!!!

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