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May 22, 2007


Michelle in MX

he he he, and may "A wandering heart" never tell how long it to ME to do the meme! LOL, actually this responce time is GREAT!

And about the romance novels . . he he . . .I did notice a theme when checking out your posted books on Paperbackswap . .
Have you tried Kathleen E. Woodiwiss? The only time I read romance novels was in high school, and my friend got me this one -for the story- "The Wolf and the Dove" which I liked . . . I've gotten too cynical to be able to enjoy a romance novel now.

Mom Tu-Tu

I love a good historical romance novel myself!


These are good things to know about you! A laundry basket... great idea!


Domestic Goddess

Now, y'all know I ain't gonna do this. Who wants to hear more about me, super cranky domestic biatch? Seriously?
Sigh. I'll think about it.


Oh that is so funny. I can put a check mark at each number. That's ME! LOL. Well, okay maybe not 3, 4, and 5. But 4 out of 7 is pretty good!

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