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May 17, 2007



This is great info to know.



Polkinghorne Magic Productions

Well I guess if everyone else is going to bad-mouth David Copperfield, I'll have to stick up for him a little. My name is Darren and I'm a magician. Now I assume that you all know David Copperfield is an adult orientated magician. Parents should not bring children, it's an alult show. You wouldn't let your child watch R-Rated movies would you? It is the parents job to raise that child not yours and not his. It is the parents job to teach their children right from wrong. And if the parent fell that David Copperfield was in the wrong I'm sure that they have informed their child that it is inapropriate. You can't censore everything. And so you all know there's definately more worse words then JESUS CHRIST. Jesus Christ is not a swear word. Your children will hear worse in the first 3 years they spend in school I promise you. Even my mom was surprised when she heard all the words i could say when I got mad at 8 years. David Copperfield is a great magician with a beautiful performance. Like for instance the slo-mo duck. I'll end this with one question. If you were world famous wouldn't you be surprized if someone didn't know who you were?


He came to our fair city and was quite miffed and hostile when the shopowners did not know who he was. He made sure to tell them.

One shop owner asked him if he and his traveling companion were on the Delta Queen ( a riverboat that brings tourists in) and he very rudely snapped, "NO! We are straight, thank you very much." She did not know what else to say, but giggled a little later when someone told her who he was (small town gossip travels so fast). Now the whole town knows his "orientation" is feeling a little sensitive.

Domestic Goddess

I am sooo not a fan of magic. I kinda think it is evil. David Blaine makes my skin crawl. And Copperfield? Big Dork, don't get me started.


I could see you enjoying better modern magic, I for myself do not enjoy David Copperfeild. On the other side I really enjoy the beauty of the magic of Cyril Takayama, he performs entertaining and unique magic in public places and is very kind to its audience, always leave them with a smile or question in mind :-)

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