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January 04, 2008



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In the early 70s of the twentieth century in the South Bronx, a neighborhood unqualified of severity and drugs, the first roots of hip spring culture. A pioneer and forebear of the delivery of hip-hop is Kool Herc, who tainted music CDs on their soundsystemach during lane events. Kool Herc emigrated from Jamaica and from there brought to New York custom alloy CDs, and detach the affair by way of saying rhythmic shouts. Tiresome to come in contact with the audience was in the structure rymowanego slang, consisted of commenting parties, pozdrawianiu friends, to draft people for fun and turned later to the creation of rhymes, or MC-ing (along with the music as the Gossip). The biggest impression on the development of hep hop enlightenment had "breakbeat," or interrelationship between two pieces of works that constitute up euphonious collage. These fragments are composed of the thesis of drums and became a "backbone" in the interest the further phenomenon of up on bound culture. The very [url= ]WWW[/url] honour of hip vault was born in 1978 and was formed from the label "aware hoppers" he acclimated to Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins. In a statement later came to be associated with the emerging enlightenment and this is how knowledgeable jump was born. The same of the "godfathers" is a hip take a short trip DJ Afrika Bambaataa, who introduced the concept of the four pillars of hip skip culture: chat, DJing, b-boying and graffiti. You can also highlight the fifth foundations, which is knowledge. Rap comes from rapping, unlike MC-ing, or saying words to the rhythm (the beat) in the form of rhymes. Rhythmically vocal words keep abreast of a bit of shock. Themes in converse lyrics is unlimited. Though whack is famed uprising of striking subjects and texts nearby aristotelianism entelechy, and uncommonly the hard living in the ghetto (it derives from there) is definitely all the texts are about.

Melissa@Pink Paper Peppermints

I see you haven't posted in awhile, but I just wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! :) Isn't mercyme the best?

Please don't do the chicken dance and go into labor, k?

Oh, and why aren't you posting anymore? Your blog is so cute and funny!


The Bargain Shopper Lady

Cute blog! You've been tagged!

The Bargain Shopper Lady

Cute blog! You've been tagged!

Kelsey Smith

Feel better!

Michelle at Scribbit

That's what my dad used to say--the rabbit died :)
ANd a big congratulations--on the pregnancy, not the sickness part.


Soooo........ how are you??? How do you feel now? Fill us in! Inquiring minds want to KNOW!

Chaotic Mom



Wow, I click over to see if by some chance you had posted and what a post I find! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the sickness is easing a bit by now?


Congratulations! I was SO sick in my third (and last) pregnancy, so very different from the first two (a boy, then a girl) that I thought I must be having something other than a boy or a girl. An alien? Twins? But I survived, and that third child, a girl, is the sweetest of the three, at least in temperament. It's worth every nauseous moment. But hang in there in the meanwhile.


Congratulations!!!!! I had it with both of mine - they were Aug 14th and Aug 22 birthdays three years apart. Feel better!!!

Veronica Mitchell


Morning sickness is awful. I had it with all three.

Michelle in Mx

I know you've been wanting one more!

Tara (aka AbbysMomma)



What's wrong with twins?!! :)



Boo for the rabbit. Yippee yahoo for you!




I can't wait to read more about it! Congrats!!!

Domestic Goddess

Holy Stinking Crud!
Congrats. Where have you been?




WOOHOO!!!! And just look at your own entry from June! :) Check in with our group and tell us the due date!!!!!


Wow! Mazel Tov! When are you due? I was wondering why you'd been so quiet!!!!

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